Nov 262021
Mr. Turkey Bloopers #PetPhotoFails #Bloopers

Hi guys! For those of you that celebrated…how was your Thanksgiving? Did you get lots of turkey? Are you feeling fat today? We had a quiet Thanksgiving here on the island. The peeps decided to stayed home and the mom made a turkey with all the fixings. I didn’t get any. But that’s okay. I’m [read more]

Nov 252021
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Mr. Turkey. We meet again. You gonna whap me and throw me around like you’ve done in previous years, Cat? Nah, I’m feeling kinda benevolent this year, Mr. Turkey. How ‘bout we just pose nicely for the camera and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving? That’s very nice of you, Cat. But before we do [read more]

Nov 262020
Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. of A. I know Thanksgiving is a lot different this year because of the stoopid virus. Families aren’t getting together for big dinners and people are struggling. But we still have SO much to be thankful for. A great home with humans that love us…good food to [read more]

Nov 282019
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys. Happy Thanksgiving! Y’know…Thanksgiving is not just a day that we get to eat lots of turkey and watch footsball. Well…with the mom and dad going some place else for dinner, Mr. Turkey here is about as close as I’ll come to having turkey today. Thanksgiving is also a day to give thanks for [read more]

Nov 232011
What's That Wally Doing?

Well, hello there, Mr. Turkey.  It’s so nice to see you again. Whenever you show up, a big turkey dinner is not far away! Mmmmmm…you smell delectable!! I wonder how you taste?? Hey Cat!  You do know that I’m not a real turkey, don’t you?? Oh yeah…Mr. Turkey…I know you’re not real! But that won’t [read more]