Sep 082019
Easy E's Selfie Sunday with Mousie

Hey guys. I just got done with a rousing game of “Swat the Mousie.” Y’know…these tile floors make playing that game a whole lot easier. Mousie slides so well when I swat him. Me and mousie took this selfie together. Sheesh. Mousie is so worn out from all that playing he can’t even sit up [read more]

Sep 072018
Flashback Friday - Playing with My Mouse

Hi everybuddy! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a flashback…so today I’m flashing way back…back to 2008…yep, that’s 10 YEARS AGO…when I first came to live on the island. When I first came here, I lived in the room down below for a short time. It was okay because there was plenty of space and [read more]

Feb 212016
Easy E's Selfie & Velfie Sunday

Hey everybuddy.  Here’s me and Fuzzy Mousie taking a selfie.  Okay…so this isn’t really a selfie…but go along with me on this one.  Fuzzy Mousie really wanted to pawticipate in this week’s Selfie Sunday and he’s so much fun to play with, I didn’t wanna tell him no.  So I had to get a little [read more]

Dec 192008
Formerly Feral - Lookey!!

Hey!  Lookey!! I got my own ornament on the Christmas tree now!! (click on it to biggify) And, the other day, my Secret Paws package arrived!! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to check it out!! My Secret Paws is Sly over at Sly Likes Things. I didn’t know Sly before…now I have a new [read more]

Nov 072008
Formerly Feral - Mousies

Do you think if I keep putting a fake mousie in my dish the lady with the yellow hair will take the hint and get me a real one?? It’s been a long time since I had a REAL mousie!! This one went for a swim.  Heehee!! Nope, these fake ones just aren’t as tasty as [read more]