Jul 012015
What's That Wally Doing?

Oh.My.Cod.  I was laying here…just minding my own business…watching the birdies and the squirrels…and one of my legs and part of my tail went missing.  How sneaky.  Where’d they go? Before I start looking for my leg and tail,  I’ll announce the winner of our 4 Paws Pottery giveaway. Congratulations to Toby and Leia from the Whiskeratti! [read more]

Sep 272013
Formerly Feral - Where's My Tail?

Lookit!  My tail’s gone missing again. I just don’t understand this.  Where could it have gone?? I know!  I’ll close my eyes, and when I open them, it better be back where it belongs. RATS!  It’s still missing! If anybuddy sees my tail…would you tell it to come home? My tushie is getting cold without [read more]

Apr 262013
Formerly Feral - My Tail's M.I.A.

Kitties, I have a little problem. I was laying here…taking inventory… Front legs…check…back legs…check… Yep…all four legs accounted for. But then I discovered something very disturbing. Yikes!  My tail is missing! Where’d it go?? Looks like I’ll be spending the weekend searching for it! If any of you see my tail, please send it home to [read more]