Dec 242013
Christmas Eve Wishes

It’s Christmas Eve! At Christmas time, we wish for lots of toys and treats.  And it’s fun to find them under the tree on Christmas morning.  But, really…toys and treats are at the bottom of our wish list.  Wanna know what’s at the top?  Here’s our top three wishes for Christmas. We wish for…no more [read more]

Dec 242012
Christmas Eve - We're Ready!

It’s Christmas Eve…and we’re ready! The tree’s all decorated. (And still standing!)    Our ornaments are on it. Including one for the kitties that came before us. Our stockings are hung on the fireplace with care. And this is where I’m gonna stay all day and night waiting for the Big Guy in Red to get [read more]

Dec 242009
We Are Ready!!

It’s Christmas Eve! The tree is all decorated…    Our ornaments are on it… Including the ornament for the ones that came before…   Our stockings are hung on the fireplace…   Okay!  We’re ready, Wally!! Yep, Ernie…all we need now is the Big Guy in red…   Hey!!  Did you hear that?!? Could that be [read more]