Jan 082017
Easy E's Too Tired to Take a Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Check out my mancat cave. Oh, I know…this isn’t really a cave…I’m just under a chair…but from here, I can see everything that’s going on and be comfy while I’m doing it. I think I’ll take my selfie while I’m under here. I’ve got the flashy box all set up and the timer [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jul 082012
Easy E Sunday

Pssst!  Hey!! Here I am!  Down here! Check out my new mancat cave!  I like it under here because this blanket kinda covers everything…but not quite…so cool air can come through.  It’s my own air-conditioned mancat cave! Actually, it’s supposed to be cooler today!  Yay!  I hope we get the windows opened again!  It’s been too long since I’ve [read more]

Feb 082010
Our New Mancat Cave

Check out our new mancat cave! Oh sure…it’s just a box…but it’s been jazzed up! It’s got some hanging soccer balls to play with, and a soft blankie with nip on it!!! Mmmmm….nip…is good!!! Lemme check this cave out, Ernie!!  Wally…good job showing off your best side!  Heehee!! Hey!!  It’s pretty comfy in here!!  Only problem with this [read more]