Apr 042012
What's That Wally Doing?

Oh..hi everybuddy!  Look what I got!  It’s our very own faux bearskin rug!   I wonder what faux bear gave up its fur coat so we could have it.  😉 When the dad-guy saw this, he thought someone had skinned Zoey!  Haha!!  Now there’s an idea!  Okay, okay…I guess that’s not such a nice thing to say.  Nah, it’s not [read more]

Dec 222008
ManCats - Secret Paws!

Whooohooo!  Hey, Ernie! Our Secret Paws package arrived!!  C’mon, mom!  Open it!! We wanna see who our Secret Paws is!! Hey, Ernie!!  It’s Frito and Cheeto!! Now what did they send us??!? Wow!!  Lookit all the presents we got!!! There’s some catnip toys and Temptations and feather toys and this GREAT blanket!! Yeah, Wally…and this cool box!!! Hey, Wally…go [read more]