Dec 062017
What's That Wally Doing?

WALLY! Did YOU do this? Did you knock the plant off the table?? Waydamint! Why are you accusing me, mom? There’s other cats around here, y’know. Because you’re the only cat around here that likes to mess with the plants. Not to mention, you’ve done it before. Rats! She knows me too well. *whispering* I [read more]

Messy Boy Cats

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Oct 062017
Messy Boy Cats

Hi everybuddy. Y’know…those boy cats really know how to make a mess. Just look at this room. There’s toys all over the place. They never clean up after themselves. And the lady with the yellow hair never makes them either. They get away with so much stuff around here if you ask me. Oh I [read more]

Apr 062015
Mancats - Making Myself Comfortable

Ernie, what the heck did you do there?!? This counter’s kinda hard… so I made me a bed out of these paper towels, Wally. It looks more like you made a big mess. I don’t wanna be around when the mom sees this one. Why?  I’m just making myself comfortable! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail