Aug 162010
Mancats - Introoder Alert Again!

Whatcha doing, Wally?? I’m on the lookout for that new introoder cat, Ernie!! What?!?  Another introoder cat?? Didn’t we just scared off that last one that was coming around?!? Yeah, we did, Ernie.  But now there’s a new one. I saw him sniffing around our big spruce tree. I bet he was looking for the bunny [read more]

Jun 212010
Mancats - Introoder Alert!!

Hi!!  Wally here!   Last night, me and Ernie were relaxing on our window seat, when our quiet evening was disrupted by something horrible!! You see what I see, Ernie?? Yeah, Wally!! It’s an introoder!!  How dare it come on our porch!!! And does it really think those laser eyes are gonna scare us?? Yeah, Wally!!  How rude of [read more]

Apr 272009
ManCat in the Yard

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I finally got to go outside! Ohboyohboyohboyohboy!!!  I was so excited!! I hadta sniff everything!!! Yep, there’s been introoders here… And something’s been living under here…   I nommed some fresh catmint…mmmmmmm!!!   And I told this bee to buzz off… (See him there??)   And I gave mom the big [read more]