Dec 112017
Christmas Card Helpers

Hey Wally…what do we have here? It’s our Christmas cards for this year, Ernie. The mom had them made and they came in the mail the other day. Wow! It looks great! Of course, I’m the best looking Island Cat. You and Zoey…eh…you’re okay, I guess. Don’t be so sure about that, Wally. Everybuddy knows [read more]

Jan 182010
ManCats - Little Helpers

One thing us mancats love to do is help mom make the bed… We’re great helpers!!! Good job on putting on the sheets, mom!! They’re nice and smooth!! Yep…even smooth up at the top!! I gotta get the dirty sheets even dirtier!! Hey, what’s this lump doing here? And, Wally…where’d you go?? C’mon!!  Mom has the [read more]