Feb 082016
Need a Nurse?

Hey, Ernie.  Aren’tcha glad things are finally getting back to normal around here? Yeah, Wally.  The mom is still using that walking stick thingy…but at least she’s moving better and is able to do more stuff. That means she won’t be needing our help as much, Ernie.  Guess I’m gonna have to find something else [read more]

May 192014
Mancats - Leftover Breakfast

Hey, Ernie.  You got some foods on you. Must be some leftover breakfast. You gotta stop sticking your whole head in your food bowl. Here…let me clean it up for you. Hold still… There’s some on this side, too. *lickity lickity lickity* Jeez…thanks for nothin’, Wally. I was saving that for later. Oops…sorry, buddy. I [read more]

Sep 232013
Mancats - Do Me No Favors

*lickity lickity lickity* *lickity slurp lickity lickity slurp slurp* Stop licking me, Wally!  You’re getting me all wet! C’mon, Ernie…I’m just washing your dirty head. *lickity lickity lickity* Wally…I said STOP IT already! Sheesh… Try to do a cat a favor and that’s the thanks you get. Eh…his head didn’t taste very good anyway.