May 062015
What's That Wally Doing?

*zzzzzzz…snore…snore…zzzzzzz…snore* Hey!  Do ya mind with all that clicking clicking clinking? I’m trying to recouperate from all the Cinco de Mayo celebrating I did. Oh…and for the record? Meowgaritas and Niptinis just don’t mix. Bleh. Update on our duck visitors:  Remember the Momma Duck that visited our yard about a week or so ago?  Well, she [read more]

Jul 162012
Mancats - Turn Out the Lights

Ernie…what’re you doing?? Wally, it seemed kinda dark up here, so I thought I’d turn on my lasers for you! Jeez…thanks. Now how the heck am I gonna sleep with those things blasting me?? Olympic Update:  We’ve had an overwhelming number of entries in our Synchronized Snoozing event…over 60!  The submissions are now closed.  Thanks [read more]