Feb 192016
A Forgotten Gotcha Day

Hey everybuddy.  You won’t believe what happened this week.  The lady with the yellow hair forgot my Gotcha Day!  It was last Tuesday.  It’s been 8 whole years since I got gotted…how could she forget?  Oh, she said she’s been preoccupied because of her recent surgery and stuff. How long does she think she can [read more]

Oct 282011
Formerly Feral - Pumpkin Head

Sometimes the lady with the yellow hair calls me “Pumpkin Head.”  I don’t think my head looks anything like this thing!  I mean, look at it!  It doesn’t have any ears or a nose or a mouth like me.  And I sure don’t have some brown thing sticking out of the top of my head like it does.  I think [read more]

Aug 212009
Formerly Feral - Nip Nanner

Look what I got!  A nip nanner!! And I don’t hafta share it with Ernie and that orange-stripey cat. ‘Cuz this nip nanner’s all mine!! The lady with the yellow hair bought it just for me!!! Those stupid boycats destroyed the old nip nanner… they got it all wet and chewed holes in it…   See???  This is the [read more]

Apr 032009
Formerly Feral - Turbo Track!

Lookie!  I got my Turbo Track!!!  It’s really fun cuz the ball just doesn’t go round and round in a circle…it goes around and up and down and around again.  And you can change the shape if you want!! The lady with the yellow hair sez I hafta let Ernie and that orange stripey cat [read more]

Mar 132009
Formerly Feral - Undercover

The lady with the yellow hair told me that those strange worker guys are almost finished with whatever they’re doing here.  Boy, am I glad!!!  I don’t like those strange worker guys here…they make too much noise and they scare me!!  When they’re here, I spend most my time under the covers on the bed…I feel safe there. [read more]