Easy E Sunday

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Feb 172013
Easy E Sunday

Hey kitties!  Check out our new cat tree!   Yep, I’m sad to say that our ladder’s been officially retired.  With my back issues, the mom is worried that the ladder isn’t safe for me.  ‘Specially the way I loved to dive-bomb off the top of it.  Wally’s been moping around…whining that he wants the [read more]

Apr 022012
Mancats - On Top

Here’s me and Ernie…on top of our ladder. Neither one of us wants to relinquish the top spot. So, you think there’s enough room up here for both of us, Ernie?  There better be…’cuz I’m not moving.  You think this ladder is strong enough to hold both of us up here, Ernie?  It better be…’cuz I’m not [read more]

Feb 202012
Mancats - More Ladder Wars

Hi everybuddy!  Well, here’s a spot you don’t usually see me sleeping.  I rarely use the hammick…that’s Zoey’s thing. But it’s all part of my master plan to take over the top of the ladder from Ernie.  Y’see, Ernie has to have anything I have.  If I’m sleeping on the bed…he’s gotta have the exact [read more]

Jan 042012
What's That Wally Doing?

Yay!  My ladder’s back!! Don’t get me wrong…I liked having that tree in the house with all the pretty toys ornaments to play with. But I think it’s unfair that my ladder got put away to make room for the tree. Hey!  I got an idea!! Maybe next year we should just hang the ornaments on my ladder!! Share [read more]

May 162011
Mancats - The Battle Ends?

See, Wally!  I told you there’s enough room for both of us up here!! Yeah, Ernie…if you like being squished like a sardine!! Move over!! (I guess if I can’t beat him…I mise well join him.) And thus ends the Battle for the Top of the Ladder. (And if you believe that…) Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

May 022011
Mancats - The Pain

Ernie!  Get down!!  I don’t want you up here!!  Wally…move!!  I want the top of the ladder now!!  Sheesh…there’s not enough room up here for both of us!! I’m outta here!!  Awright!!  I’ve got the top now!! Phew, Wally!  You left some of your stink here!! I’ll show you, Ernie… Hey, look!!  I’m eating ALL the rest [read more]