Apr 042018
What's That Wally Doing?

Wally! What are you doing there in the cushions? I’m looking for the remote. It’s missing and there’s a good show on Animal Planet I wanna watch. So did you find it? Nope. But I found a couple of quarters, a dime and 3 pennies. Oh yeah…and a stale potato chip. I ate it. Share [read more]

Jan 132014
Mancats - Fooling The Mom

Okay…now which one of those mancats did this? Hey!  Boys!  Which one of you messed up the cushion? Wally, was it you? No, the mom…I would never do that! Well, then it had to be you, Ernie. Oh no!  It wasn’t me!  I’ve been sleeping the whole time. Well, I know it wasn’t Zoey.  She [read more]

Unsolved Mystery

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Jan 202012
Unsolved Mystery

Hi there! I know this is my usual day on the blog, but today we’re participating in… And we’ve got a good one… “The Case of the Messed Up Cushions” A while back, the lady with the yellow hair came home from work to find this… Wally!  Did you mess up these cushions? Oh no!  It [read more]

Jul 132009
ManCats - The Blame Game

One day last week, mom came home from work to find this… Wally!  Did you make this mess?? Oh no, mom, it wasn’t me…I’d never whap the cushions off the sofa! I don’t know, Wally…this sure looks like your handiwork… * * * The next day, mom came home to find this… Ernie!  So it’s you [read more]