Sep 112011
Easy E Remembering Sunday

Today, we’re remembering the terrible things that happened on this day…9/11…ten years ago, when evil humans flew planes into the World Trade Center in New York City and into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. I wasn’t around at that time, but my mom and dad-guy were and they say it was a very sad day. We’re remembering and [read more]

May 012011
Easy E Remembrance Sunday

I’m glad this thing is called a Scratch LOUNGE ‘cuz today I wanna do more lounging than scratching… This is Remembrance Weekend where we remember all our furiends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We’ve lost so many recently… We ‘specially want to remember our Island Cats that have left us…    Bogart and Scooter. [read more]

Jan 272011
Remembering Scooter...

Hi everybuddy.  Wally here.  Today we’re remembering Scooter, the Original Island Cat, who went to the Rainbow Bridge five years ago today.  Wow!  Five years!!  It’s hard to believe Scooter’s been gone that long.  Y’know, I can still smell traces of him here in the house. Scooter was a lot older than me and he taught me lots of cool stuff [read more]

May 252009
ManCats - Happy Memorial Day!

Hey, Ernie…did you know that here in the U.S., today is Memorial Day? You know what that means?  Yeah, Wally…it means mom and dad have the day off and can spend it with us! Oh Ernie, it’s more than that… it’s a day we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom!  Wow, Wally…and I thought it [read more]

Jan 272009

Hi…Island Cats’ mom here.  It’s my turn to post. Today is the anniversary of the day Scooter, the original Island Cat, went to the Rainbow Bridge. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since he’s been gone… Gone but not forgotten… And always loved. You can read more about Scooter by clicking HERE. [read more]