Jan 082018
The Things I Put Up With Around Here

Y’know…I don’t know how I always get myself into these predicaments. Wally weaseled his way in on my napping spot and now he’s taking up almost all of it. Look, he’s practically laying on top of me! And now he’s sound asleep…and I can’t move! Oh sure…I can move, but it would mean waking up [read more]

Nov 302012
Formerly Feral - Acrobat Cat

I’m practicing my acrobats again.  This move is pretty tricky.  You inexperienced cats should be careful if you try this move yourself.  You might get stuck. Um…I hope I’m not stuck!! (Sorry ’bout the poor quality of this picture.  The lady with the yellow hair took it with her iPad thingy.  She’s learning how to use [read more]

Aug 062012
Mancats - Stuck!

Ernie!  What the heck are you doing in there? I dunno, Wally. Crawling in here seemed like a good idea at the time… But now I think I’m stuck!  How ’bout a little help?? Sure, Ernie…I’ll help you…let me give you a helpful tip… Lay off the treats! Jeez, Wally…that’s not exactly the kinda help [read more]