May 022011
Mancats - The Pain

Ernie!  Get down!!  I don’t want you up here!!  Wally…move!!  I want the top of the ladder now!!  Sheesh…there’s not enough room up here for both of us!! I’m outta here!!  Awright!!  I’ve got the top now!! Phew, Wally!  You left some of your stink here!! I’ll show you, Ernie… Hey, look!!  I’m eating ALL the rest [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Nov 092008
Easy E Sunday

On Sunday mornings (well, actually, every morning), I like to burrow under the covers while mom’s still sleeping. Sometimes I’ll stay under here even after she gets up… Mmmmm!  It’s so nice and cozy in here!! Hey, Ernie…any room in there for me??!? Get outta here, Wally!! I don’t wanna share with you!!