Sep 112016
Easy E's Trouble Selfie Sunday

Hi guys! Once again, I’m doing something a little different for my selfie this week. Check it out… It’s a toes selfie. But this one’s a little different from previous toes selfies I’ve done. See that piece of fur stuck in there? Yep…that’s some Wally fur. He and I were having a wrasslin’ match earlier [read more]

Dec 192010
Not So Easy E Sunday

Hey kitties!  I think I’m in BIG trouble this time!  I just might be getting that lump of coal in my stocking this Christmas.  Y’see…I got caught climbing the Christmas tree…not once, but twice!!  I just couldn’t resist!! And y’know what??  I can’t even deny that it was me because there’s photographic evidence of my tree-climbing escapades!! [read more]

Apr 262009
Not So Easy E Sunday

Hey…I’m hiding up here cuz if mom finds me she’s gonna put me in the doghouse (which I don’t unnerstand cuz we don’t even have a dog!).  You  see, I did something I wasn’t suppose to.  You know how much I like to chew stuff.  Well, yesterday I was waiting for mom to give me my [read more]