Apr 112016
A Determined Cat

Hey Wally!  There’s something in this closet.  I think it could be fun to play with.  Wanna help me get it out? Nope, Ernie…I’m too busy admiring my handsome self in the mirror.  Besides, you know we’re not supposed to be messing in the closet.  You’re just looking to get into trouble and I won’t [read more]

Torbie Tuesday

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Aug 252009
Torbie Tuesday

Uh oh!  I am SO busted!  I got caught playing with those boycats’ nip nanner!  And after I made that big stink about their nanner being so gross looking!  I couldn’t help myself!!  There it was…calling to me!!!  I just hadta play with it!!!  Ernie and the orange stripey cat are really peeved at me [read more]