Jan 192018
I Had to Go to the Evil Vet

Hi everybuddy. Earlier this week, I wasn’t feeling too good. I didn’t wanna eat anything and I threw up and had *whispering* diarrhea. Given my gastrointestinal…isn’t that a big word?…problems, the lady with the yellow hair was a little concerned and gave me some medicine to help me feel better. It helped some, but I [read more]

May 062016
Run...Don't Walk!

Hi everybuddy.  I know, I know…I’m sitting in the PTU (prisoner transport unit for you who may be unfamiliar with that term).  And I’m going to tell all of you something…well, you older cats probably already know this…but for you younger cats…if you see the PTU sitting out…DO NOT SIT IN IT!  Trust me, no [read more]

Apr 102015
Formerly Feral - Treats!

Hey everybuddy!  Look at me!  I’m getting treats!  And after the start of the week I had, I deserve a whole bag of treats. Y’see, earlier this week, I got dragged…hissing and spitting…to the evil v-e-t.  It wasn’t for anything serious…just my “annual” check-up which included getting a shot in the butt and having my [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jun 082014
Easy E Sunday

Hey everybuddy.  I’m getting my easy on today.  After the terrible day I had yesterday, I deserve it.  Y’see…the mom dragged me to the evil v-e-t because I haven’t been eating much lately.  In fact, yesterday morning, I turned my nose up to my breakfast which isn’t something I normally do. At the v-e-t, I [read more]