Oct 072016
The Princess and the Pea

Hi everybuddy. When the lady with the yellow hair saw me sitting on this pillow, she said it reminded her of the story “The Princess and the Pea.” You know that fairy tale, don’t you? Well, I do feel like a princess sitting here…and one of my nicknames is “princess” but I hope she didn’t forget [read more]

Aug 172012
Formerly Feral - No Peas Please

How many times do I have to tell you…   I don’t like peas!! Hey…it’s the Lady with the Yellow Hair.  These are the remnants of Zoey’s breakfast…Halo’s Spot’s Stew.  And stew is an apt name for it since it includes veggies like peas and carrots.  Zoey loves this food…well, except for the peas, obviously.  [read more]