Dec 292008
It's Our Blogoversary!

It’s our 1st Blogoversary! Mom always wanted a website for us…and for Christmas last year, dad gave this blog to mom… In the beginning, mom thought this was gonna be her blog…and she began posting stories about us Island Cats and cats in general and stuff.  But then she let us do a couple of posts and we discovered we [read more]

Oct 212008
Tabbies are Special! Tuesday

We tabbies think we’re purrty great, don’t we? But did you know how special we really are?? You know how we have an “M” on our foreheads? Did you ever wonder why?? There’s a story that back long time ago the baby Jesus was in the manger crying really loud!  A small cat cuddled up next to Him [read more]

Sep 022008
Visit Ernie at House Panthers!

Hi everyone!  I’m over at House Panthers again today. Stop by and visit me there! We got this cool award from Mickey.  Thanks, Mickey!  We really appreciate it!!  We want to pass this on to the following cool cats:  The St. Louis Meezers, Eric and Flynn, The Whiskers and Purrs Gang and Jasper McKitten-Cat!!