Nov 012016
Is It Safe To Come Out?

C’mon Zoey…you can come out from under the covers now. Are you sure it’s safe? Yes…it’s safe. All those noisy trick or treaters are gone? Yes…Halloween is over. How ’bout that house guest? Is she gone yet? You knew we had a house guest? Yeah, lady…nothing in this house gets by me. I didn’t complain [read more]

Oct 282016
We Have A House Guest

So have you met her yet, Ernie? Met who? Our house guest. We have a house guest? Guess that means you haven’t met her. Yeah, Ernie…we have a house guest…her name is Sadie and she’s one of the cats from the shelter the mom volunteers with. What’s she doing here, Wally? Well, from what I’ve [read more]