Nov 272016
Easy E's Heat Seeking Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. Ever since the weather turned colder, I’ve been seeking out the warm spots in the house. Like here…by the hot air blowin’ thingy. I will lay here for hours on end. The only problem? The hot air blowin’ thingy doesn’t blow hot air for hours on end. It’ll blow for awhile…and then stop. [read more]

Nov 102008
ManCats - Hot Spot

Hey, Ernie…you know we’re not suppose to be up here on the stove… Why not, Wally??  It’s so nice and warm here! That’s why, Ernie…mom says the stove is a hot spot! Remember when you burned your big feet walking across the stove when it was hot?? Yeah, Wally…guess I do remember that…I hadda go to [read more]