Jan 072018
Easy E's Keeping Warm Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Y’know…when it’s as cold as it’s been here lately, you can usually find me hanging out in one particular spot in the house. Can you guess where that is? Yep…right next to the hot air blowin’ thingy. I’ll sit here for hours. It’s really warm! Though the mom says I’m blocking the heat [read more]

Dec 072016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi guys. Y’know, I’ve been spending a lot of my time recuperating in the master bedroom. So look what the mom did for me. She put this comfy blanket in the master bathroom right next to the hot air blowin’ thingy. Now, whenever the hot air starts blowing, I head for the blanket and get [read more]

Nov 272016
Easy E's Heat Seeking Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. Ever since the weather turned colder, I’ve been seeking out the warm spots in the house. Like here…by the hot air blowin’ thingy. I will lay here for hours on end. The only problem? The hot air blowin’ thingy doesn’t blow hot air for hours on end. It’ll blow for awhile…and then stop. [read more]

Nov 222015
Easy E's Staying Warm Selfie Sunday

Hey everybuddy.  Well, I’m sad to report that the warm weather we’ve been having lately has come to an end.  Yeah, 60 degrees in November is a heatwave for us…but we don’t think we’ll be seeing those temps again anytime soon.  The cold blew in yesterday.  In fact, we even got some of that white [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Oct 262014
Easy E Sunday

You can always tell when the weather changes and temps start getting cooler. You’ll find me sitting by the heat blowin’ thingy. That’s until my space is invaded by a butt-sniffing photobomber. Go away, Wally!  This is my spot! Here’s my latest selfie taken with the Cat Selfie app on the ipad. Hey!  Stop looking up [read more]

Feb 172014
Mancats - Where'd It Go?

Ernie!  I just saw a bug here crawling on the carpet. You did?!? Yeah…but it’s gone now.  Where’d it go? Do you think it went down the hot air blowin’ thingy, Wally? Well, if it did, Ernie…I bet it’s burned up now. That’s too bad, Wally… I woulda liked to have deaded it myself. Stoopid [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jan 092011
Easy E Sunday

 I got the best of both worlds today… sitting next to the hot air blowin’ thingy AND in a sunbeam!! Mom says I gonna burn up here…I think she’s kidding with me. But y’know what??  I don’t care if I do burn up… ‘cuz right now, I feel good!!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail