Easy E Sunday

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Aug 192012
Easy E Sunday

Uh oh!  I hear the mom coming with the clippers! That means one thing…mani and pedi time. I am so outta here!! Under the bed is a good place to hide!  She’ll never find me!! Ernie!  Where are you??  Don’t tell her I’m here…okay??

Jun 112010
Formerly Feral - Hiding

There’s been some strange worker guys in my house the last couple of days!!  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re working in the room down below fixing some stuff.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys!!  They make too much noise and it scares me! I’m staying under here until they’re [read more]

Jul 032009
Formerly Feral - Hiding Out

I’ve been warned that tomorrow’s the 4th of July…the one day that the humans celebrate by making really loud boomers!!!  I don’t like the boomers so I’m gonna stay here safe in the confines of my hidey hole.  So, lady with the yellow hair, you’ll wanna serve me my meals over here…cuz I’m not coming out until all the [read more]