Easy E Sunday

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Dec 282014
Easy E Sunday

Hi everybuddy.  I’m getting my post-Christmas easy on today.  I gotta rest up for more celebrating we’ll be doing this coming week. Y’know what?  We watched some real exciting Bird TV the other day.  This guy showed up. Meet Mr. Hawk!  You probably can’t tell from this picture, but he was HUGE!  He’s definitely not [read more]

Sep 222008
ManCats - Wishful Thinking

Mom found this feather out in the yard. We don’t know what kind of bird it was from… but it must’ve been a big bird ‘cuz it’s a big feather! The Dad said it might be from a hawk…   I don’t know, Wally…that’s a mean looking bird! We could take him, Ernie! So we both [read more]