Apr 122020
Easy E's Easter Sunday Selfie

Happy Easter, guys! The mom gave me two options for my selfie. Either take it with the bunny or wear the bunny ears. You can see which one I chose. No bunny ears for me! Me and this bunny are pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the hop [read more]

Apr 212019
Easy E's Easter Selfie Sunday

Hi guys. It’s Easter Sunday…so for my selfie today, I got stuck taking it with this guy. Eh, I don’t mind too much. He’s pretty quiet and doesn’t take up much room. And most of all…I don’t have to wear the stupid bunny ears this year! Happy Easter! I hope your day is bunny ear [read more]

Apr 012018
Easy E's Foolish Bunny Ear Selfie for Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! And Happy April Fool’s Day! Though I don’t know what’s so happy about it…and I sure feel like a fool. Zoey wouldn’t wear these stoopid bunny ears so I’m the one that got April fooled into it. Oh I know…you all think I look so cute. Well, phooey! This isn’t funny…not one bit. [read more]

Apr 162017
Easy E's Bunny Ears Selfie for Easter Sunday

Somebuddy will pay for making me wear these stoopid bunny ears for my selfie. I don’t care if it is Easter. I don’t like wearing stuff! Thank cod I got these ears off. Now I’ll start the paybacks by putting the bitey on them. Next it’ll be the human who put these ears on me. [read more]

Mar 272016
Easy E's Easter Selfie Sunday

Hey everybuddy.  So this is the selfie I took for Easter.  I set the selfie-timer, put the flashy box down and *CLICK*.  Easy enough.  And it looks good, right? But…oh no…the mom couldn’t leave well enough alone.  She had to turn me into the Easter Bunny. Jeez, I look silly, don’t I?  All I can say [read more]

Apr 052015
Easy E Easter Sunday Selfie

Hey everybuddy! Today me and the mom are doing a special selfie together for Easter! But I’ve got one question… why do I hafta wear the stoopid bunny ears and not her??? Happy Easter! I hope your day is bunny-ear free! Me and the mom are pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog [read more]

Apr 202014
Easy E Easter Sunday

Well, here we go again!  Me in the funny bunny ears.  I don’t know why I expected this year to be different.  I’m hoping there’s some nip eggs in this Easter basket.  And some real chicken would be nice, too…not this silly virtual one sitting next to me. That would make this embarrassment more bearable. [read more]

Mar 312013
Easy E Easter Sunday

Well, here I am…she put silly bunny ears on me again.  I don’t know why I thought this year would be any different.  I don’t care if these ears are virtual, I’m a little tired of looking ridiculous every Easter for all of the Blogosphere to see.  Maybe I’ll whap one of these eggs at [read more]

Apr 082012
Easy E Easter Sunday

Well, here we go again! I don’t care if these ears are virtual… I’m tired of looking silly every Easter!! And how ’bout a real duckie for me to catch?? Have a Happy Easter!!  Oh yeah…Happy Birthday to our Dad-Guy! He’d never make me wear silly bunny ears… virtual or not!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail