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Sep 202021

Whew! All that meowing like a pirate sure takes it out on a guy. Or maybe it was all the catnip grog I partook. *burp* Well, whatever it was…I’m gonna need a few days to recuperate! Zzzzzzzzzz……

Jun 292020
Holding the Floor Down

You guys. Y’know those nip toys in my tunnel you saw yesterday? Well, I played like heck with them. And lickity-licked them until they were soggy. Now…I got a nip hangover. It’s so bad, I gotta hold the floor down to keep it from moving. Ugh. When will I ever learn? I’m getting too old [read more]

Apr 132020
How's It Hanging?

Hi guys. I have my own sleeping style. When I sleep, I’ll hang over the edge…sometimes just my head…sometimes my whole upper body. The mom says it’s weird…I like to call it unusual. The mom doesn’t understand how sleeping like this is comfortable. She says all the blood is gonna rush to my head. Well, [read more]