Nov 022023
Hanging Out and Staying Warm

You guys! It’s gotten kinda cold around here. In fact…there was some…I hate to say it…snow on Halloween. What the fluff?!? It wasn’t a lot…just some flurries. But it’s too early for that white stuff.  So I’ve been hanging out…literally…in my heated cat bed. If you think this bed looks a little bit different…you’d be [read more]


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Sep 202021

Whew! All that meowing like a pirate sure takes it out on a guy. Or maybe it was all the catnip grog I partook. *burp* Well, whatever it was…I’m gonna need a few days to recuperate! Zzzzzzzzzz……

Jun 292020
Holding the Floor Down

You guys. Y’know those nip toys in my tunnel you saw yesterday? Well, I played like heck with them. And lickity-licked them until they were soggy. Now…I got a nip hangover. It’s so bad, I gotta hold the floor down to keep it from moving. Ugh. When will I ever learn? I’m getting too old [read more]