Nov 022023
Hanging Out and Staying Warm

You guys! It’s gotten kinda cold around here. In fact…there was some…I hate to say it…snow on Halloween. What the fluff?!? It wasn’t a lot…just some flurries. But it’s too early for that white stuff.  So I’ve been hanging out…literally…in my heated cat bed. If you think this bed looks a little bit different…you’d be [read more]

Oct 232022
Easy E's Tocks Selfie

You guys! It’s that most wonderful time of the year…Tocktober! Yep, it’s that time again when us kitties…and anyone else for that matter…show off our tocks…you know…our rear ends, backsides, buttocks. You get the idea. It’s a tradition that was started years ago by Derby the Sassy Cat in celebration of the month of October and his birthday which [read more]