Easy E Sunday

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Oct 042009
Easy E Sunday

It’s a quiet day here on the island…and I’m just sitting here thinking… The weather’s been cloudy and rainy and cold lately…which means all the windows are closed…which is no fun ‘cuz I like sitting in the windows. My allergies are better and the sore on my lip’s healing and I’m feeling good.  Guess it was worth getting that [read more]

Oct 202008
Collars and 'Tocktober!

Hey, check out our new Halloween collars!    See mine??  It’s got ghosts on it!! And mine’s got pumpkins on it! These are Beastie Bands! They’re lightweight and stretchy and fasten with somethin’ called velcro. They’re purrty cool!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And in honor of ‘Tocktober and Derby’s birthday, we’re showing our ‘Tocks! Here’s mine! Oops!  Mine are X-rated!! And, [read more]