Jun 072020
Easy E's Guest Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys! Ernie here. Today I’ve got a guest for you. It’s none other than Slim…the Garden Center cat! Slim, the Garden Center Cat I bet some of you are wondering how Slim is doing since losing his buddy Chip last month. Well, he’s doing okay. Y’know…Slim might have to change his name to Fatty…because [read more]

Dec 242018
Christmas Eve with Chip and Slim

Hey guys. Ernie here…just checking in. We’re not quite back to our regular blogging schedule yet. The mom is still busy getting things ready at our new house so we can make the Big Move…which will probably happen after the holidays. I wanna share with you what Chip, one of the Garden Center cats, has [read more]

Jun 112018
Hanging Out at the Garden Center with Chip and Slim...a Pictorial Update

Hey everybuddy! Ernie here. Let’s check in with Chip and Slim, the garden center cats. Here’s a pictorial update of what they’ve been doing lately. (If you hover over each picture, you’ll find a secret message.) Chip and Slim are doing great. Now that summer’s almost here, they’re spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine [read more]

Apr 092018
Hard Working Garden Center Cats

Hey guys! Ernie here.  Y’know…we haven’t featured the garden center cats, Chip and Slim, lately…so today I thought I’d let you know what they’ve been doing. Now that it’s spring…though it sure is taking its sweet ol’ time showing itself if you ask me…there’s been a lot of activity going on at the garden center [read more]

Feb 222017
What's That Wally...er...make that...Chip & Slim Doing?

Hey guys. I know this is my day to let you all know what I’m doing, but honestly, I haven’t been doing much…just a lot of napping, eating, playing, being antagonized by Ernie…y’know…same ol’ same ol’. So today I’m turning the blog over to Chip and Slim…our garden center cats. Let’s see what they’re doing. [read more]

Jul 112016
Garden Center Mancats

Hey everybuddy!  Ernie here.  Y’know…we haven’t featured the garden center cats, Chip and Slim, lately…so today I thought I’d let you know what they’ve been up to. We hear Chip has decided to become a salesmancat and has been sneaking into the garden center store to train. Here he is by the door…ready to greet [read more]

Apr 042016
More of the Garden Center Cats

Hey everybuddy.  Wally and Ernie here.  Y’know, it’s been a while since we’ve let the garden center cats, Chip and Slim, have any blog time.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Chip and Slim, they’re two feral cats…though they don’t act very feral anymore…that live at the dad guy’s garden center. [read more]

Jun 032010
Thursday at the Garden Center

We bet you didn’t know that the dad-guy owns a garden center, did you??  Today for Garden Day, we’re gonna take you to his garden center and show you around! The place is brimming with flowers this time of year!! And there’s fountains and other things that mom calls “lawn accoutrements.” This is the gazebo in [read more]