Sep 072018
Flashback Friday - Playing with My Mouse

Hi everybuddy! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a flashback…so today I’m flashing way back…back to 2008…yep, that’s 10 YEARS AGO…when I first came to live on the island. When I first came here, I lived in the room down below for a short time. It was okay because there was plenty of space and [read more]

Aug 312018
Ready for the Weekend

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair says I look like a little furry ball when I sit like this. What do you think? Are you ready for the weekend? I am! It’s a holiday weekend for us. Yep, it’s Labor Day weekend. The unofficial end to summer. Wow, summer sure flew by, didn’t [read more]

Aug 172018
My Favorite Black Cat

Hi everybuddy. I bet you’re surprised to see me here with Ernie today. Yeah, I know I give those boycats around here a hard time. But today is kinda a special day. It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day. So in honor of it, I’m graciously sharing my sunpuddle with my favorite black cat, Ernie. Ernie…I’m sorry [read more]

A Little Bugger

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Aug 102018
A Little Bugger

Hi everybuddy. I wanna show you something. See this guy? The lady with the yellow hair says he’s a grasshopper. He’s making lunch outta one of the plants in her flower pots outside. You can see where he’s already eaten parts of it. He’s a loud eater because she could actually hear him chomping on [read more]

Talk to the Tail

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Aug 032018
Talk to the Tail

You gotta talk to the tail… ‘cuz this cat’s not talking. Congratulations to the Colehaus Cats who are the lucky winners of our Cat in the Box giveaway! They have chosen the Mega Milk Carton…and we will have it sent to them right away. We can’t wait to see them playing in their Cat in [read more]

Jul 272018
Don't Make It Easy For Them #PetPhotoFails

Hi everybuddy. Today I’m pawticipating for the first time in The Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop. This is a monthly blog hop where all you have to do is post a photo fail of your pet…you know…one of those pictures that just didn’t turn out right and would normally end up in [read more]

I Got Fresh Nip!

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Jul 132018
I Got Fresh Nip!

Hi everybuddy. Zoey here. Remember our catnip planter? Let me refresh your memory in case you forgot. Well…the other day, the lady with the yellow hair gave me some of that fresh nip. Lucky me! And lemme tell you…it smells divine! *sniff sniff sniff sniff* Before I get too carried away…I thought I’d shared some [read more]

Jul 062018
It's Not Me...It's the Photographer

Hi everybuddy. Y’know…I always look good…wouldn’t you agree? So, if there’s a bad picture of me, it’s not my fault. It’s the fault of the photographer…aka the lady with the yellow hair…taking the picture of me. Today, I’m gonna share with you some of the bad pictures she has taken of me recently. Let me [read more]

Jun 292018
5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Cat

You all know how much I love to be brushed, right? I would get brushed all day long if I could. It feels so good. But not only does it feel good, brushing is good for me, too. Being a long haired cat, I should be brushed daily, if possible. Constantly, if I had my [read more]