Apr 192010
Mancats - Slacker!

Hey, Ernie…you see what I see?? Yeah, Wally…someone’s (mom!) been slackin’ around here!! The bird feeders are almost empty!  She needs to fill them!! Yeah, Ernie…how’re we supposed to watch the Feather Channel when she doesn’t keep the set properly maintained?? Hey, Wally!  Look!  She musta heard us! She’s out there now!! Okay!!  Now that’s [read more]

Feb 012010
ManCats - More Cat TV

So what’s on Cat TV today, Ernie??   Hey look, Wally!  It’s Mr. Evil Squirrel! He’s eating all the birdies’ food!!  Aw, change the channel, Ernie! I don’t wanna watch that squirrel make a pig out of himself…   Okay, that’s better… It’s the Feather Channel and the Downy Woodpecker Show is on!!  Hey, Wally!  [read more]