Sep 252017
Turn Off The Heat!

Hey guys. Wally here. What do 2 mancats do on a hot…and we mean hot…autumn day? Take a snooze, of course. Nothing much else to do…it’s too hot! Seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s fall now. I mean, we don’t want snow or anything like that…but 90 degrees? Nope…not at this [read more]

Oct 072013
Mancats - Crazy Squirrel

Hey, Ernie…don’tcha just love this time of year? Yeah, Wally.  Fall is great. It’s not so hot…the leaves turn cool colors… and Bird TV and Squirrel TV get really entertaining! I know what you mean, Ernie. The squirrels ‘specially put on a good show running around chasing each other and digging holes for the nuts they find. [read more]