Oct 162020
A Former Feral, a Feather and Fall Colors

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair goes walking almost every day. On one of her walks this past week, she found this teeny tiny black and white feather. She knows how much I like feathers…you might remember the giant goose one I had…so she gave this one to me, too. She’s not sure [read more]

Oct 192016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey! Look at me! It’s mid-October and I’m sitting in the window getting in some window whiffies. That’s not typical. But we’ve been having some great weather the past few days…warm and sunny…though it did get kinda cloudy yesterday. All the leaves are changing colors now, too.  My orange furs go really well with those [read more]

Oct 142010
Thursday in Our Garden

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes for our mom! She really appreciated it!! YAY!  It’s Garden Day again!!  Most of our summer flowers are gone now… So mom put out some new flowers and plants for fall. C’mon…I’ll show you!! These are out on the patio… Uh oh!! Looks like the vishus deer’s [read more]