Jul 312017
You Know What They Say About Paybacks

Hey, thanks for letting me sit here with you, Ernie. This is a real comfy spot and the view’s not bad either. Um, Wally…I don’t recall inviting you to sit here. You just kinda barged your way up here and pushed me over. Yeah, I know, Ernie. Remember all those times you invaded my space [read more]

Dec 052016
Captain Obvious

Wally, I thought I’d keep you company while you recuperate. Ernie, the only thing you’re doing is waiting for me to get up so you can steal my comfy napping spot. Wow…is it that obvious? Well then…are you planning on getting up any time soon?? It’s last call for entering our giveaway to win your choice [read more]

Oct 102016
I Want to be Alone...All Alone!

Oh great. Look who’s here. He’s like my shadow. Can’t I get a little peace and quiet without the black menace invading my space…again?!? Ernie! What the heck are you doing up here now?!? I let you have the windowseat all to yourself. I thought you were napping there. I didn’t want you to be [read more]

Oct 032016
I Was Here First

Ernie…you do know I was on this bed first before you wormed your way in. You looked like you could use some company, Wally. No…I wasn’t looking for any company, Ernie. I was hoping to get some good napping time in…alone! Aw, c’mon, Wally…this bed’s big enough for two. Now why don’t you move over [read more]

Aug 172016
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey, I bet you’re surprised to see Ernie with me today. Well, today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and even though Ernie can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, he is my favorite black cat. So to show my appreciation, I decided to share my blogging day with him. Y’know…I don’t understand why [read more]

Jan 112016
Nowhere to Hide

Whatcha doing in there, Wally? Trying to get away from you, Ernie. Sheesh…I can’t believe you found me. Can I join you in there? NO!  I told you… I’m trying to get away from you… not share my space with you! You sure, Wally? You look like you could use some company. Jeez…there’s nowhere to [read more]

Jul 152015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi everybuddy. This is my new favorite place to nap… on top of the dresser in the peeps’ bedroom. The mom doesn’t understand why I like sleeping up here on this hard surface since there are a lot more comfy spots available. Because being up here gets me away from the pest below. That’s why. Don’t [read more]

Jan 072015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy.  Look! Santa Paws brought me a new Scratch Lounge! My old one bit the dust. Y’know…I love scratching cardboard…and I love my Scratch Lounge. But as you can see, I’m slightly perturbed. That’s because one certain big pawed pest has invaded my Scratch Lounge and is trying to make it his. Well, I’m [read more]