Nov 012011
Two on Tuesday

Well, I’m glad that Halloween is finally over, Zoey.  Aren’t you? Yeah, Ernie…there were so many trick or treaters and some of them were really scary! What’re you talking about, Zoey??  You didn’t even see any of them!  You hid in your room all night!! I saw them from the window, Ernie!  And you should talk!  [read more]

Mar 022009
ManCats Snoopervising

There’s been a couple of strange guys here for the past week.  They’ve been working in that room where our litter boxes bathrooms are and where mom washes clothes and stuff.  They took everything out of there and our bathrooms got moved to another spot which has us a little discombobulated… I’ve been snoopervising these guys…gotta make sure they’re [read more]