Nov 022015
Getting Hung Up on the Details

Jeez, Wally…we got this big ol’ chair and you insist on sleeping pratically on top of me.  Move over! No, Ernie.  You’re forgetting something.  I was on this chair first.  Then you decided you had to be here, too, and squeezed yourself in thinking I would leave.  Well, I’m not leaving…and I’m not moving. Aw, you always [read more]

May 112015
Mancats - Should I or Shouldn't I?

Hey everybuddy.  I’m considering knocking Wally outta the hammick and taking it over for myself. Whaddaya think?  Should I or shouldn’t I? Hey Ernie? Yeah Wally. Don’t bother asking them.  Just ask me.  And lemme tell you.  If you’re not in the mood for a serious whapping, you better nix that idea. Uh…I guess that [read more]

Jan 192015
Mancats - No Respect

Ernie…I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you dare come down here and try to squeeze me out of this spot. Aw, Wally…you always think I’m gonna try and steal your spot. I’m quite comfy here and I don’t have any intention of moving. 5 minutes later… Sorry, Wally…I changed my mind. Sheesh…I get no respect around [read more]

Mar 312014
Mancats - Musical Cube

Ahhhh…some cube time all by myself. Uh oh…here comes trouble. Hey Wally!  Whatcha doing in there? Can I join you? Jeez…that didn’t last long. Ernie…if you’re coming in here…I’m leaving! That’s better… there’s not enough room in here for two of us anyways. Oh yeah…it’s nice in here… but why does it look like I’m [read more]