Apr 272015
Mancats - Just Ducky

Hey, Ernie. Come look! There’s some interesting visitors in our yard. There’s a momma duck sitting in the front bushes. Seriously, Wally?!?  What’s a duck doing here? I know we live on an island, but our house isn’t close to the water. That duck needs to get its GPS fixed. And look, Ernie! Daddy duck [read more]

Jul 202009
ManCats - Duck Update

Remember the momma duck that built her nest and laid her eggs in our bushes??  Well, last Friday our mom went out to check on momma duck and found this…. Yep, the nest is empty and it looks like the eggs have hatched… And momma duck and baby ducks have headed off… We don’t know when [read more]

Jun 182009
Thankful & Other Things Thursday

I wanna thank everybuddy who came by on my birthday and partied with me! I had the bestest time! I got some nip and treats!! And a plague rat!!! Silly mom tried putting candles in my stinky goodness but she couldn’t get them to stand up. She’s lucky she didn’t burn down the house trying!  Doesn’t [read more]