Oct 162020
A Former Feral, a Feather and Fall Colors

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair goes walking almost every day. On one of her walks this past week, she found this teeny tiny black and white feather. She knows how much I like feathers…you might remember the giant goose one I had…so she gave this one to me, too. She’s not sure [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jul 272014
Easy E Sunday

Hey everybuddy! I’m hearing some strange tapping noises out there. *tap tap tap tap tap* I wonder what it is? Oh, I see what’s making that noise! Can you? It’s Mr. Downy Woodpecker way back there on the big tree.   See him? He’s pecking away at something…and making lots of noise! You wanna hear [read more]

Jan 032014
Formerly Feral - More Snow!

Hi everybuddy! The new year brought us lots of cold and lots the white stuff. It’s a winter wonderland out there again! But even with the cold and the snow, we’re still getting some good reception on our Bird TV. I’ll be spending the weekend binge watching the Downy Woodpecker Show. What’ll you be doing [read more]

Mar 152010
ManCats Watching Cat TV

Hey, Ernie!  This is a great program on the Squirrel Channel! Yeah, Wally… there’s 3…count ’em… 3 evil squirrels putting on a show! It’s called Squirrel Circus!! Check out this acrobatic squirrel hanging from the suet feeder!! He’s quite the daredevil!! Y’know Ernie…if that woodpecker who’s been coming around sees that squirrel eating all the birdie food… it’s gonna be a [read more]

Feb 012010
ManCats - More Cat TV

So what’s on Cat TV today, Ernie??   Hey look, Wally!  It’s Mr. Evil Squirrel! He’s eating all the birdies’ food!!  Aw, change the channel, Ernie! I don’t wanna watch that squirrel make a pig out of himself…   Okay, that’s better… It’s the Feather Channel and the Downy Woodpecker Show is on!!  Hey, Wally!  [read more]