Apr 112011
Mancats - Shabby Chic Day!

Our furiend Alfie (from Milo & Alfie of The Cat’s Meow) has declared today Shabby Chic Day!! A day for us to show off our best home decorating skills! We love to add our decorating touches around the house.  Here’s just a few…  Carpet Decorating Despite mom’s efforts of putting these scratchers all around the house, [read more]

Dec 122008
Formerly Feral - Christmas Talk

So what’s all this talk ’bout Christmas?  The guy and the lady with the yellow hair keep talking ’bout Christmas and decorating and presents and stuff.  They put some lights and round things that smell like pine trees in all the windows.  And they put a tree with twinkly lights up inside the house.  Hey! It’s not even [read more]