Nov 052017
Easy E's Prize and Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! I got something to share with all of you. For Halloween, our pal, Valentine, had a fun contest on his blog called “The Trickster or Treater Contest.” You had to send in a photo of yourself demonstrating whether you’re a trickster or treater. Well, I’m quite the trickster so I sent a photo [read more]

Mar 122017
Easy E's Tired Selfie Sunday

Hey, guys…I am one tired kitty. I think I celebrated my Gotcha Day just a little too much yesterday. But it was worth it. Oh…thanks for all the Gotcha Day good wishes. I hope all of you had fun partying with me, too. And then to top it all off…we had to spring ahead with the [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Nov 032013
Easy E Sunday

Last night we turned the clocks back which means we gained an hour. And I’m taking full advantage of that extra hour by sleeping 17 hours today instead of my usual 16. Well, I was taking advantage of it until someone with the flashy box so rudely interrupted me. Hey!  Go away and let a [read more]