Mar 312014
Mancats - Musical Cube

Ahhhh…some cube time all by myself. Uh oh…here comes trouble. Hey Wally!  Whatcha doing in there? Can I join you? Jeez…that didn’t last long. Ernie…if you’re coming in here…I’m leaving! That’s better… there’s not enough room in here for two of us anyways. Oh yeah…it’s nice in here… but why does it look like I’m [read more]

May 312013
Formerly Feral - My "New" Cube

Hey! Do you like my new hiding spot?  This cube’s been sitting here for a long time…years the lady with the yellow hair said…and I never see those boycats using it, so today I decided to make it ALL mine. It’s nice in here….there’s even a few toys to play with when I get bored.  [read more]

Mar 252013
Mancats - Cube Squishin'

Hey kitties!  It’s me…Ernie.  Can you see me back here?  Somebuddy needs to tell Wally this cube isn’t big enough for the two of us.  Look at the big orange lug there…taking up most of this cube and squishing me.  He needs to find another place to sleep and let me have this cube all [read more]

Apr 042011
Mancats - The Cube

Hey!  What’s that Wally doing?? Oh…he’s in the cube! I want in there!! Maybe if I stare at him long and hard, he’ll leave and I can get in! Geez, it’s hard to take a nap when you-know-who is staring at me! I didn’t wanna be in this stupid ol’ cube anyway! I’m outta here!! Yay!  [read more]