Easy E Sunday

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Sep 062009
Easy E Sunday

 Our dad and our neighbor belong to a Corvette Car Club and yesterday our neighbor had a big barbecue and invited all the Club members. Our mom and dad left us all day to go to the party! The people brought their Corvettes. Here’s just some of the cars that were there… Mom said there was lots of [read more]

Dec 152008
ManCats Ready for the Big Guy

Hey, Ernie…mom finally finished decorating for Christmas this weekend… Look…our ornaments are on the tree…   (click on them to biggify) Hey, mom…where’s Zoey’s ornament?? You gotta get Zoey an ornament!!! Here’s dad’s ornament… Bet you all thought Santa used a sleigh!! Heheheh!!! Hey, Wally…mom hung our stockings on the fireplace, too… Yep, Ernie…we’re all ready for Christmas… [read more]