Sassy Baby Robin

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Jul 102015
Sassy Baby Robin

Hi everybuddy.  Remember those baby robins I showed you a couple of weeks ago?  Well, they’ve flown the coop…or rather, the nest.  They’re still hanging around, and I’ve been watching them and Momma Robin in the yard.  She’s keeping a close eye on them.   Those babies can’t  seem to get the knack of flying [read more]

Dec 152008
ManCats Ready for the Big Guy

Hey, Ernie…mom finally finished decorating for Christmas this weekend… Look…our ornaments are on the tree…   (click on them to biggify) Hey, mom…where’s Zoey’s ornament?? You gotta get Zoey an ornament!!! Here’s dad’s ornament… Bet you all thought Santa used a sleigh!! Heheheh!!! Hey, Wally…mom hung our stockings on the fireplace, too… Yep, Ernie…we’re all ready for Christmas… [read more]

Sep 122008
Formerly Feral - Playtime!

Every day I’m learning that there’s more to like about being an Island Cat.  Like being able to play on this cool cat tree… Hey!!  Hear that??  Sounds like the guy is starting up his Corvette!  Think he’ll take me for a ride??  Being an Island Cat is even better than I thought!!!  🙂 Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail