Oct 142013
Mancats - Changing Seasons

Hey everybuddy!  It’s me…Wally.  Y’know, around here, you can tell when the seasons change and the temperatures get cooler.  We start seeking out warmer spots to sleep. Take me for instance… I’ve started sleeping on my fleece blanket on the chair again. And lately, Ernie has been sleeping on this warm fleece cushion. But the [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Aug 302009
Easy E Sunday

The weather’s been cool all weekend…’specially in the morning. So I’m gonna stay here under the covers… ‘cuz it’s warm!  Hey, mom!  If you wanna make the bed, you’re gonna hafta wait awhile… maybe a loooooong while!!!   Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail