Jan 122020
Easy E's Not So Easy Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys. I bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing this blue donut. Well, y’see…there was a little “situation” last week. I had…*whispering*…an anal gland abscess. I got dragged off to the vet…who did some nasty things to my nether regions. And now I gotta wear the donut to keep me from licking that area until [read more]

Jun 042018
Donut Head

Hey Donut Head! You better stop calling me that, Wally. Y’know…you could find yourself wearing this thing one day, too. But you look like you’re wearing a big blue donut around your head, Ernie. All you’re missing are the sprinkles. Well, at least this thing’s better than that lampshade I was wearing. I can see [read more]

Nov 092014
Not So Easy E Sunday

Hey everybuddy.  I don’t feel much like taking selfies today.  Y’see…the other day, I had a little “situation” which required me to be dragged to the emergency vet.  I had a…*whispering*…anal gland abscess.  That evil ER vet…the mom said she looked like she just graduted from high school…knocked me out and shaved my nether regions [read more]