Feb 092015
Mancats - What Will the Neighbors Think?

Hi everybuddy!  Check out our new Coccolino Creations bed! This one was special made for us with some fabric the mom had. Our windowseat is the purrfect spot for it, too! Uh…what’re you doing back there, Ernie? Waiting for my turn in the new Coccolino bed, Wally. C’mon…move! Sorry, buddy, I might be awhile…I’ve got some bathing [read more]

Sep 082014
Mancats - Our New Bed

Hey Ernie! Check out the new bed that we won in a giveaway Coccolini the Mini-Pig had recently. Yeah, Wally…it came the other day… special-made just for us Island Cats! Cocco’s human, Katie, makes great pet beds and blankets and sells them in her Etsy store, Coccolino Creations, at very reasonable prices. We sure were [read more]