Dec 222014
Mancats Talking 'Bout Christmas

Hey Ernie…Christmas is only a few days away. Are you getting excited? Yeah, Wally, I can’t wait! I just know I’m gonna get lots of presents! You sure ’bout that, Ernie? You’ve been kinda naughty lately. Whaddaya mean? Um…well, if I were you… I’d stop climbing the Christmas tree, buddy. You know that’s a no-no [read more]

Dec 192010
Not So Easy E Sunday

Hey kitties!  I think I’m in BIG trouble this time!  I just might be getting that lump of coal in my stocking this Christmas.  Y’see…I got caught climbing the Christmas tree…not once, but twice!!  I just couldn’t resist!! And y’know what??  I can’t even deny that it was me because there’s photographic evidence of my tree-climbing escapades!! [read more]