Jul 252011
Christmas in July!

It’s Christmas in July! This year we were paired up with those great cats over at Random Felines… Maestro, Tim, Tom, Mozart, Ivy, Spud and Junior!!  Look at all this cool stuff they sent us, Ernie! Yeah, Wally!  We got this great tunnel, a new cube…purple, my favorite color… some mousies, a feather wand…Zoey will [read more]

Jul 272010
Christmas in July

It’s Christmas in July!!  We were paired up with our new furiend, Sherkhan, who lives in the land downunder!  That’s right…Australia!!  This package sure traveled a long way!!! Wowwee!  Look at all this fun stuff!! There’s some balls and mousies for whapping and some toys that spin and rattle. And there’s some Friskies and Temptations!!  We’ve [read more]

Jul 272009
Christmas in July

We’re celebrating Christmas in July!!  We were paired up with the Ozark Mountain Cats…8 kitties that live with their biped in Mizzura (as the locals there like to call it). Hey, this is a pretty big box they sent us! C’mon…open it already!!!   Look at all these presents in here!!! I kinda like the [read more]